Microsoft Solutions Developer in Singapore to transform your business quickly and with less effort.


Microsoft Application Development Services in Singapore

We help small teams and SMEs to build desktop & mobile applications to enhance their productivity and build strong digital work process capabilities.

We built Apps for these Awesome Companies

We are practicing analyst consultants. We work with businesses and individuals across different industries who need effective Microsoft Office application solutions to improve their productivity.

Our Work Process

We adhere to our consulting work process so that there is transparency to build trust, encourages collaboration and delivers a quality product that is within your expectation and lives up to our standards.

Step 1. Meeting Let’s start with a meeting. Tell us your requirements and we will tell you our ideas. We can either meet at your place or at our office.

Step 2. Quote We quote in man-days effort. After the meeting, we will describe the app with a series of screen shots that shows the key design concepts of the application. A quote in man-day efforts will be attached.

Step 3. Approve You approve the quote.

Step 4. Code Once we obtain your approval, we shall retreat to our cave to implement your project.

Step 5. Testing You must test the delivered application. We want to give you a bug-free product if we can help it. But in reality, end users are often the best folks to find bugs. This is where the success of a project depends on collaboration between developer and client.

Step 6. Warranty Risk free warranty. After acceptance of the application, we allow a 45 days warranty where any defects within the agreed requirements will be rectified at no further costs.

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Our Beliefs

At Aeternus Consulting, we design our solutions with care.
The heart of our design process is to create RELEVANT ideas to solve real problems. We start from a problem you face and design a solution from the ground up.
Because we strive to come from a practitioner’s standpoint, you will discover our ideas always deliver more value.


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