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Microsoft Access Database Development

Aeternus Consulting is the premier Access Database Developer for small medium enterprises in Singapore. We use a problem solving approach to create digital workflows to improve your productivity & competitiveness.

Fixing the "Excel" problem

Your team shares important data to perform a critical workflow using an Excel spreadsheet. But you can only have 1 person accessing the data at a time, you can’t collaborate and work together effectively.

Facts about deploying a Microsoft Access Database

Access is part of Microsoft Office. It is a low cost relational database system. No heavy investments in servers or enterprise software needed.

Up to 20 people can use Access database from remote locations at the same time with acceptable performance.

You can build fairly complex work processes within Access Database. Together with the cost advantage, consider how you can link up your team with an automated Access database app to get a real competitive advantage.

Access Database can help your value chain

Digitizing your workflow with a low cost Microsoft Access Database enables your company to do things faster with less effort

Access Database in Logistics & Inventory

Use an Access database to track inventory levels. The data can be stored in a cloud so that you can linkup different warehouse locations with close to real time inventory data.

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