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We like to put our tentacles into a lot of things:

We specialise in Microsoft Office training, Excel VBA development, Access database development, Business Dashboard development.

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PowerPoint Design Service

Microsoft Office Training Courses

We work with businesses and individuals who need effective Microsoft Office training courses in Singapore.
PowerPoint Design Service

VBA Business Application Development

We are practising software engineers and data analysts with real-world experience in developing Excel VBA applications, Microsoft Access databases & Power Platform business applications.

Individuals we had helped

Michele, Finance Analyst, National Kidney Foundation

Dear Jac, I’ve a wonderful experience on charting magic with CH this morning. I am truely fascinated with how charts can really beautify & enlighten the audience. I read his articles on charts after dinner this evening. I reckon when one is passionate with his interest, great work of art will be produced. Aeternus is the evidence of excellent work of great passion. Keep the passion going!

Adrian Beirne, Project Manager, JetStar Pacific Airlines

I want to say that the lessons were some of the best instruction I have ever had. You have a great teaching manner and mix of structure and flexibility which made learning enjoyable. If I come back to Singapore for any length of time I will definitely sign up for another one of your courses.

Dandie Romero, Technical Specialist

Hi Derek, Thank you for your comments and guidance. I must say at this point that I learned a lot from your class. Attending your training was never a waste of time. Thanks for your support. Best regards, Dandie.

Elisabeth Jouguelet, Marketing Director, Shiseido Travel Retail

Dear both, Just wanted to let you know that Philippe’s presentations have been successful. A great thanks for your help, inputs and talent! We are now back to real business but I am pretty sure that further strategic presentations will call for meeting you again soon!

We had epic adventures with clients

Taught staff to use Excel pivot tables
Trained genius scholars on Excel
powerpoint makeover client
Created CEO level presentation
Taught infographics design to university staff