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Access database development
Access databases development service

Access Database Development Service in Singapore

We provide Microsoft Access databases development service in Singapore for businesses and departments who need a simple to maintain relational database system.
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Access database development

Benefits of Deploying Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access is a relatively low cost database system that can fit the needs of a small business or a department. When it is well designed, it can function as a robust database for many mission critical purposes such as invoicing and sales for a team of up to 20 people.
Access database development

Access is Simple to Maintain

Microsoft Access databases requires only a shared drive environment running on a standard Windows Server. Very little technical maintenance is needed.
Access database development

Access has Full Database Capabilities

You can expect full database capabilities like in any enterprise-grade databases but at a reduced scale for up to 20 people. Complex database applications can be built within Microsoft Access.
Access database development

Microsoft Access can Build Anything

Microsoft Access database is a flexible platform to build bespoke data-applications for many purposes such as sales invoicing, service subscription, student enrollments. The results are fast to see and deploy compared to other database systems such as SAP.
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Work from Home with Access Database

The COVID-19 pandemic has made work from home the new normal. Access database can support WFF by placing your data on a cloud server. The database performance can be as fast as working onsite.

Migrate from Lotus Approach

With Windows XP reaching End of Life, database software like Lotus Approach can be migrated and rebuilt on Microsoft Access to give it a new lease of life.
Access database development

Microsoft Access is
Budget Friendly

A well designed Microsoft Access database is a robust relational database system that is comparable to SAP, Oracle or SQL Server at a lower cost.







C-Level Management

An Access Database placed in a shared drive or hosted in the Internet has lower costs compared to enterprise database systems.

Customer Service




Human Resource



Reason 1: No licensing costs

No need to invest in software licenses for your users. Access database applications can be executed with Access Runtime available from Microsoft for free.

Reason 2: Low connectivity costs

You can connect up to 20 users to an Access database with little effort by placing it in a shared drive, SharePoint or even in a web server. This ability to share data with workflow automation is a game changer.

Reason 3: No Yearly Maintenance Fees

We do not impose mandatory maintenance fees.

Access database development

Our Approach

We build according to sound software engineering principles and good business-sense.
Access database development

Build quickly

We build quickly and react on customer feedback. Deliver just what customers need and eliminate anything they do not.

Interface design come first

Interface design comes first We start with the interface, real screen designs that you are going to use.

Simplified costs

We quote in man-day efforts so that you only pay for the duration of the project.
Access database development

Our Database Development Workflow

We adhere to our consulting work process so that there is transparency to build trust, encourages collaboration and delivers a quality product that is within your expectation and lives up to our standards.​
Step 1: Let’s Meet
Let’s start with a meeting. Tell us your requirements and we will tell you our ideas.
Step 2: Budgetary Quote
We will provide an estimated quote for your consideration.
Step 3: System Design
We will design the system with a series of screen shots to demonstrate how the application works.
Step 4: Coding
We shall retreat to our cave to code & develop your project.
Step 5: Testing
The application is tested for defects.
Step 6: Warranty
We allow a 45 day warranty for any defects stated in the agreed requirements.

Access Database Development Case Studies

We digitized their work flows with Microsoft Access databases.
Nestle Research Pte Ltd

Microsoft Access allows big team collaboration

We built an Access database app to allow all 50 project managers to share track and manage research projects. The management dashboard allowed key managers a global view of resource usage.
Access database development
Master Card

Microsoft Access automates data intensive work

A critical daily report used to take 3 hours to compile. We built an Access database to automatically pull data from their servers every night and compiles a fresh report to be delivered to all stake holders in the morning.
Access database development
CnW Electronics

Microsoft Access improves factory operations

We were tasked with creating a cloud-based Access database to collect production time data on the factory floor. The information is expected to improve production practices and save operational costs.
Access database development

Access Database Development Singapore Blog

What is an Independent Contractor?

Having worked as an independent contractor for Excel VBA development for a number of years, I would like to share some useful experiences for people who drop by my site and prospective clients.

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