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Advanced Excel VBA (Visual Basic Application) for Business

Expert level VBA programming with Microsoft Excel.
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What is VBA Programming in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that you can use to manipulate, analyze, and present data. Built within Excel is a computer programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

The idea is by writing a VBA computer program, you can instruct Microsoft Excel to perform complex, repetitive and even mundane tasks on your behalf. Used properly on suitable problems, a VBA program working within Excel can have wide ranging automation benefits that can increase a department’s productivity.

As machine automation begins to take over many human tasks, learning how to code has been said to be an attractive employability skill for the future.

What is this course about

How do you apply Excel VBA once you mastered its fundamentals? In our Basic workshop for Excel VBA, we introduced the VBA language by using an example-based approach. We got you to code VBA and solve common Excel automation problems quickly and effectively.

This Advanced Excel VBA workshop builds on what you have learnt and explores multiple Excel VBA automation domains – interface design, databases, emailing, file processing, text processing, automated charting, automated pivot tables – that when assembled together, creates an integrated Excel VBA application that rivals commercial software. By focusing on how to create commonly used features in commercial software with Excel VBA, you will gain a practical mastery of this language in a real-world business context.

What problems it solve

The realm of advanced Excel VBA is vast and often many advanced VBA programming techniques can be difficult and yet bear little practical value to an analyst in a business setting. Gathered from years of real-world Excel VBA development experience, this workshop introduces selected VBA topics that are useful for building your own business applications.

This workshop quickly introduces high value VBA techniques and proven design ideas that are relevant to many business problems. The student will be able to reuse the design ideas, VBA coding techniques and sample VBA codes to create complete Excel VBA applications that are relevant for their business domains.

Teaching Approach

The instructor uses a progressive teaching approach to impart all the topics in this workshop. Learning is more effective when it arise out of observation and experience rather than just a presentation of abstract ideas. The course contents are carefully developed as a series of hands-on “build” projects that illustrates advanced VBA coding ideas curated through years of real world consulting experience.

How can I apply what I learn

Advanced Excel VBA workshop, class, training in Singapore
Opportunity to see design ideas in action & working with reusable codes.
Advanced Excel VBA workshop, class, training in Singapore
Engineer useful features to a traditional worksheet.
Advanced Excel VBA workshop, class, training in Singapore
Design beautiful entry forms in your Excel VBA apps.

Who should Attend

*For graduates of Aeternus’ VBA Programming in Excel workshop.
*For people with a deep interest in VBA programming in Excel.
*For analysts who wish to push the envelope of productivity with Microsoft Excel.
*Improve your employee value.
*Be the in-house Excel-VBA expert in your company.

Why Aeternus Training

VBA is a deep computer language. Like learning any language, instructor quality determines how much you get out of the classroom. Learn from real practitioners with over 15 years of development & consulting experience. Unlike other centers, we keep our classes small so that there are real discussions about real problems.

About the Trainer

Derek Leong is a fellow Consultant at Aeternus. He has a broad background in marketing, business analysis & software development. When he conducts Excel and other courses, he combines technical expertise and business experience with a creative bent.

Past Participants

We worked with the best companies and individuals in Singapore and abroad.
Created an automated dashboard for T2
Trained genius scholars on Excel
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who need effective Microsoft Office training solutions.​

We organise bespoke corporate workshops​​

to improve employee productivity using Microsoft Office Tools.
Invited to EDB to conduct a team building workshop.
At GIC Pte Ltd to run a yearly Excel workshop for government scholars.
We ran an annual 1 day business infographics workshop for EMA.

Comfortable learning environment

No stuffy windowless classrooms for you and us. No, no, no.
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