Excel VBA Development Services in Singapore

Unleashing Excel automations for efficiency

We’re skilled VBA experts ready to streamline your Excel tasks.

Benefits of Excel VBA automations

Reduce labour

Generating Excel reports by hand is a laborious and repetitive task. These routine steps can be automated by VBA (visual basic applications).

Reduce errors & grief

Relying on manual effort to compile and manipulate data in Excel often cause inconsistencies and errors that are hard to track.

Increase productivity

By automating routine Excel tasks using VBA programming, your productivity and yields will increase.

How we tailor Excel VBA solutions to your business needs


We build quickly

We build quickly and react on customer feedback. We deliver just what customers need and eliminate anything they don’t.

Interface design come first

Interface design comes first We start with the interface, real screen designs that you are going to use.

Simplified costs

We quote in man-day efforts so that you only pay for the duration of the project. No long term contracts, excess staff and thick processes.

We create intuitive & easy to use front end designs in Excel

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Why we are the right people to reduce your project decision risks

Keen business knowledge

We have a keen understanding of business operations to understand your workflows & common pain points to build better software for you.

Microsoft expertise

With a decade of experience in Microsoft applications, we have the expertise to develop practical solutions for your business.

Itemised pricing

We breakdown development costs so you know what you are paying for.

We digitized their work flows with Excel VBA to increase their productivity

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Improves reporting reliability

We built an automated business report using Excel VBA. It takes raw data from Excel files to compile a monthly financial report. This app saved numerous work hours and increased reporting reliability.

Remove labor in daily reports

We built an Excel VBA app to automatically pull raw data from a server, compile a dashboard and send the reports to the service team on a daily schedule.
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Huge productivity gains

An Excel VBA app was built to provide machine assisted inspection for a huge set of investment data. This app help saved hundreds of man hours per month and satisfied CPF governance requirements.

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