Create Business Dashboards in Microsoft Excel

The purpose of visualization is insight.
Not pictures.
Hand drawn dashboard, The Philadelphia Negro (1899)

Course Title: Create Executive Dashboards in Microsoft Excel

Create professional information dashboards in Microsoft Excel that is beautiful, concise and clear.

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What is a Dashboard?

The idea of information dashboards is to have the most important information presented graphically and beautifully within a single page that allows people to understand what is going on and make decisions. This workshop teaches the participant a business framework to understand KPIs and the techincal techniques to create professional quality dashboard completely in Excel.

Course Description

This is a 2 day master class that covers visual techniques to produce beautiful looking dashboards in Microsoft Excel that can match any commercial dashboard software. Great for KPI and business reporting to the highest management levels to support executive decision-making.

Course Outline

Beautifully Designed Examples

Create clean & beautiful dashboards in Microsoft Excel that brings KPIs to the forefront.​

Full Examples Shown

Fully worked examples & complete instructions to create working dashboards in Microsoft Excel.

Automate Your Dashboards

Practical ideas & techniques to achieve automated dashboards to reduce costs & increase productivity.

Master your KPIs

Understand business KPIs, know how it works and why it’s important in a business framework.

Course Benefits

Beautiful examples with unlimited possibilities!

This workshop covers visual techniques to produce beautiful looking dashboards that can match any commercial dashboard software. Have the flexibility and freedom to build any KPI into an Excel dashboard!

Dashboards that are easy to publish & distribute

We will build automated ways to calculate and update the dashboard using classic Excel techniques. Publishing dashboards are never easier!

Leverage your existing data

Turn your existing data into a treasure trove of business insights. Excel dashboards can leverage your existing data in multiple data sources.

We already have the software!

Everyone have Excel installed on their desktops! Why not take advantage of it. Everyone can view our dashboard reports without additional software.

It’s way cheaper to do in Excel

Compared to other business intelligence softwares that costs tens of thousands of dollars, Excel is a cost effective platform to create information dashboards.

It’s much more flexible using Excel

With Microsoft Excel, we can arrange our data and information in familiar ways. We are free to create our dashboards in any manner we like.

Who Should Attend This Course

This is a career enhancing training program for business analysts, statisticians, business intelligence executives, reporting analysts, accountants.

Training Provider

Aeternus Consulting have been consistently rated by our clients for great quality in program design & reference materials.

Course Trainer

Jacqueline Tang is the Principal Consultant at Aeternus. She is an engaging, sought-after public speaker and instructor for Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Corporate Clients

We have helped teams from various organisations.

We work with businesses and individuals

who need effective Microsoft Office training solutions.​

We organise bespoke corporate workshops​

to improve employee productivity using Microsoft Office Tools.

Trainers with decades of real-world consulting experience

so you can ask us anything.

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