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Microsoft Access Database Development Service in Singapore

Our  Microsoft Access database development service digitises your workflows to improve productivity & competitiveness.

You need to accommodate more users and more data?

We build Microsoft Access database applications with beautiful interfaces, suited for small businesses and departments who need a simple to maintain relational database.

Our Microsoft Access Development Services


Access Application Development Service

We build according to sound software engineering principles and good business-sense.

Migrate Access Database to Cloud

We can migrate a local Access database to a MYSQL database in the web to enhance performance. Your Microsoft Access application will run faster and support more users.


Rebuild Excel to Access Database

We can build upon your existing spreadsheet and transform it into an Access database application.

What You Can Build with Microsoft Access


Build an inventory database to monitor parts and products by operators and management.

Customer Service

Build a customer service  database for your CSOs to log  feedback. Follow up actions are clearly recorded and viewed by everyone.

Marketing and Sales

Build a sales booking database that is customised to your business. Track your opportunities and monitor your sales pipeline.

For Everyone

Build a database that is beautiful and enjoyable for everyone to use.

Microsoft Access is Budget Friendly

A well designed Microsoft Access database is a robust relational database system that is comparable to SAP, Oracle or SQL Server at a lower cost.

Reason 1: No licensing costs

No need to invest in software licenses for your users. Access database applications can be executed with Access Runtime available from Microsoft for free.

Reason 2: Low connectivity costs

You can connect up to 20 users to an Access database with little effort by placing it in a shared drive, SharePoint or even in a web server. This ability to share data with workflow automation is a game changer.

Reason 3: No Yearly Maintenance Fees

We do not impose mandatory maintenance fees.

Connect everyone! An Access Database placed in a shared drive or hosted in the Internet has lower costs compared to enterprise database systems.
Connect everyone! An Access Database placed in a shared drive or hosted in the Internet has lower costs compared to enterprise database systems.


C-Level Management



An Access Database placed in a shared drive or hosted in the Internet has lower costs compared to enterprise database systems.

Human Resource


Customer Service


How We Work

We adhere to a strict application development process to deliver a quality product to our customers every single time.


Let’s Meet

Let’s start with a meeting. Tell us your requirements and we will tell you our ideas.


Budgetary Quote

We will provide an estimated quote for your consideration.


System Design

We will design the system with a series of screen shots to demonstrate how the application works.



We shall retreat to our cave to code & develop your project.



The application is tested for defects.



We allow a 45 day warranty for any defects stated in the agreed requirements. 

Client Case Studies

We worked with some awesome people to digitize their work flows with Microsoft Access databases.

We built an Access database app to allow all 50 project managers to share track and manage research projects. The management dashboard allowed key managers a global view of resource usage.
A critical daily report used to take 3 hours to compile. We built an Access database to automatically pull data from their servers every night and compiles a fresh report to be delivered to all stake holders in the morning.
We were tasked with creating a cloud-based Access database to collect production time data on the factory floor. The information is expected to improve production practices and save operational costs.

Our Access Database Clients

We digitalised their workflows with Microsoft Access database and improved their productivity.


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