Ugly Real Economic Growth Chart from Singapore Statistics-Part 2

The only way to succeed is to be remarkable, to be talked about.
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Quoting from my favourite marketer Seth Godin:

The only way to succeed is to be remarkable, to be talked about.

Seth Godin

So I was really amused that Peltier Tech picked up on my past article “Ugly Real Economic Growth Chart from Singapore Statistics” and was inspired to write another. Good ideas do travel.

I made certain aesthetics changes to an original chart from Singapore Statistics.
Singapore Statistics. Real GDP Growth of Singapore.
Some modest changes and this was created:
Singapore Statistics. Real GDP Growth of Singapore Alternative version.

What irked me was that the author proposed charts that had everything I hate about Excel charts.

He merely recoloured the original ugly chart! Compare and see for yourself.

I always wanted to combine business aesthetics and business savvy in Excel charts.
In my latest workshop Making Beautiful Excel Charts I will break all the traditional rules in Excel charting. What you get are designer-quality charting ideas with Excel.

That being said, I whipped up another version. Without be-labouring the point, the results are obvious for everyone to see.

Let me end this with Seth Godin’s words again:

The new Dream that markets around the world are embracing is this:

  1. Be Remarkable
  2. Be generous
  3. Create Art
  4. Make Judgement calls
  5. Connect people to new ideas

and we have no choice but to reward you.

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2 Responses

  1. Whilst i agree with what you have said in this post, the PT chart shown here is basically a reworking of the original data, but tidied up a little, I think that the PT post quiet obliviously used the reworking as a stepping stone to develop a Panel Chart.

    Now I am not saying that the panel chart is better or worse than your suggested alternative (here or originally), but if you are going to respond to the PT alternative & comment on your alternative, then at least state what the PT alternative is, not the half way point. That is, show a bit more integrity.

    You both offer good info websites, no need to be squabbling.

    Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth.

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