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We like to put our tentacles into a lot of things. We teach, consult, design presentations and develop VBA applications & websites.

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Create Executive Dashboards in Excel

Most analysts know how to create charts in Excel. Getting them to look good is another matter. It’s hard to imagine you can create magazine quality dashboards like these without dedicated software.

Work with multiple Excel worksheets at the same time

Imagine when you open a workbook, multiple windows will be opened and each window allows you to work on 1 worksheet and they get arranged nicely across a large LCD monitor. Sounds like a dream? Well this is easy to do.

Dashboard ideas from Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a lot of good looking charts which I draw my dashboard ideas. You can hardly find any in BusinessWeek or Fortune nowadays. The chart from WSJ below shows a complex story of European bank revenues from equity capital markets deals(ECM).

Bullet chart in Excel

A bullet chart is a relatively new kind of chart invented by Stephen Few. I was pleasantly surprised to see one in a recent copy of The Wall Street Journal.

A magazine quality chart in Excel

I know the idea of creating beautiful charts in Excel seems unfamiliar, but I assure you Excel is a very capable platform to do so. At first sight, the chart below does not look like it comes from Excel.