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We like to put our tentacles into a lot of things. We teach, consult, design presentations and develop VBA applications & websites.

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Do it in Excel: Ring charts are better Pie charts

Pie charts are a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating proportion. I remembered learning them when I was in primary school. Apparently it was invented by this person called William Playfair in 1801.

Beautiful forms in Microsoft Excel

Entering data is one of the most common tasks performed in Microsoft Excel. That must the reason that Microsoft Excel 2007 has provided thousands of downloadable form templates.

Charts in FundSuperMart suck!

FundSuperMart is a Singapore produced magazine covering investment insights and trends on mutual funds. I picked up a copy at a 7-11 store and thumbed it through. I liked the articles. They appear thoughtfully written and are supported by charts.

Making Beautiful Excel Charts is Simple

Have you ever told yourself that creating great looking Excel charts is hard? Well it’s not. You only need to understand the only reason we create charts is to aid comprehension of a trend.

Excel Line Charts with Elegant Dates

I came across this stock chart in the Kuala Lumpur’s edition of the Business Times while I was in Malaysia. The chart has an elegant treatment of dates. I have seen this sort of designs in many magazines and wanted an afternoon challenge to do this in Excel.